BioLogic for business

BioLogic can assist you to understand applicable legislation, identify your key legal compliance issues and risks, and review and develop your management system to assure conformance with all requirements and to achieve cost, efficiency and performance improvements for your business. We can also help you to prepare for and obtain management system certification, report on your performance to key stakeholders or incorporate new issues such as carbon management, resource efficiency or social responsibility within your management system.

Consultancy & Auditing

BioLogic provides expert, up-to-the-minute and customized consultancy services in auditing, management systems and standards, and regulatory compliance to all sectors to assist organisations in meeting their environmental, health and safety, quality and energy management, social responsibility and sustainability requirements.

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Training courses

Oscar Wilde once claimed that “Everybody who is incapable of learning has taken to teaching”. Conscious of this opinion and indeed having often experienced it firsthand for ourselves, at BioLogic we don’t teach but train. By using group activities and other learner-centred methods we maximize your active participation by tapping into your initiative and existing knowledge and expertise so that you can relate new material that you are learning to what you already know.

Through this collaborative approach as opposed to traditional “chalk-and-talk” instruction we ensure your learning experience is an enjoyable, productive and rewarding one while our case studies put the learning into the context of the workplace and real-life application. A range of different learning styles are catered for to provide more variety and interest and to reinforce the learning experience which, combined with regular activities, discussion and evaluations makes for highly interactive, effective, and entertaining education.

BioLogic’s wide range of training courses in the fields of energy, environment, health and safety, social responsibility and sustainability are presented as either public or in-house courses. Our detailed course notes also provide additional information and comprehensive supporting reference materials and information sources which allow our delegates to carry out any additional research that they may need to help them apply their learning at their places of work. 

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Energy & sustainability

The simplest definition of sustainability is the capacity to endure. For businesses and organisations, sustainability equates to long-term maintenance of economic well-being and success, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions. BioLogic provides innovative services that address all aspects of cleaner production, energy efficiency, social responsibility and sustainability to meet this demand and increasingly effective strategy for capturing new business.

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Future services

We aim to expand our list of services in the near future to cover carbon footprinting of products and auditing for BREEAM Sustainable Homes and voluntary carbon offset standards.



If your area of interest is not listed among our services please do contact us as we may well be able to help or direct you to the right service provider.


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